We’re First Sun and we brew great beer right here on the West Coast of Auckland. We believe in the art of simplicity, and using only the finest ingredients. First Sun is made with a balance of subtle restraint, and just enough craft. The result? A crisp and refreshing premium beer, with plenty of NZ charm.

While tastes may change from time to time, there is something surprisingly honest about a golden lager. Clean, distinct, reliable. At First Sun, we’re reinventing the classic, so you never to sacrifice flavour for refreshment. It’s green bottle pedigree with brown bottle craft.


Always small batch, always New Zealand owned. Time to fall in love again. 



First Sun Pacific Lager has been carefully designed by German Master Brewer, Albrecht von Wallmoden. Using water collected from the skies above the brewery, we've created something memorable, balanced and refreshing. 

The malts used in our pacific lager are grown on the Canterbury plains of the South Island. First we use a German Pilsner malt provide a smooth, clean profile that allows the floral notes of the hops to shine. Then we add a caramel malt to provide a subtle sweetness and body to the mid-palate. 


To deliver the clean and crisp finish desired by lager drinkers everywhere, we then use German Magnum and Tettnanger hops and NZ grown Nelson Sauvin Hops. Combined these deliver an internationally loved flavour with a light hoppy finish.


Our Pacific Lager is the perfect beer for international lager drinkers looking for a refreshing change, or craft drinkers wanting a beer to really satisfy.